Recording & Mastering


I suppose that its difficult to describe the process of recording with different individuals and groups because the process is always different, and different people gravitate toward each other for any number of reasons.  Probably half of my recording work is with musicians who prefer to play live in the studio rather than approach their records as something to piece together.  The other half takes a more “production” path.  From my own point of view I believe that people playing together, as much as possible, will have great influence on the outcome.  But, it depends on what you’re going for…right?  So my work in recent years has been anything audio restoration for the Grammy nominated collection “The Smith Tapes” (2013) to Brantley Gilbert’s near platinum certified “Halfway To Heaven” record (2011 – as The Atom Brothers).  All over the map.

Having made the excellent decision to get out of the studio business a couple of years ago, I now work in several locations, and it really depends on the needs of the sound of an artists music.  I’m always happy to make recommendations.

As far as mastering goes, I do all of my work at Studio 1093 in Athens, GA.  It suits my purposes in three ways.  One, it is the finest monitoring environment that I’ve ever worked in, period.  Secondly, since nearly all of the mastering work I do is delivered FTP, that it is a predominantly digital environment is a plus in terms of the particular workflow.  And finally, my focus is providing a quality of mastering at a rate that most artists can afford, and the 1093 environment supports all these efforts.

On the Ears page you can find audio samples that might fit what you’re looking for.  And if you want to learn something entirely different, then check out my bread baking site.